Case Studies

VW Transporter LWB

Ref No.: 150615v2

Did a couple of Vans for this Refrigeration company.  Plenty of drawers & also drawers & cases...

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Transit Custom L2H2 Van Racking System

Ref No.: 040815

General Maintenance vehicle4.  Good high racking with lots of bins nearside & lots of drawers...

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Sprinter XLWB Racking for Home Improvement Company

Ref No.: Spectrum

Only a certain amount of space to play with but I think we got it spot on!

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Vito LWB Full VanKit

Ref No.: 190515

Drawers, Shelves, Cases, Bins.....  all a Heating Engineer needs to kjeep their tools tidy

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Transit Custom L1H1

Ref No.: PJ Plumb

Single unit either side with plenty of drawers.

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Standard Van Shelves in a Transit Custom

Ref No.: Potts

This unit is actually the equivalent to our VK-200-001 racking unit

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NV 200 Offside Racking Kit

Ref No.: YS15

Fitted for a local'ish Fire & Security specialist

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Ducato LWB Plant Fitter

Ref No.: 230415

Couple of standard Drawer / Case units mounted over each wheel arch

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Vito XLWB Full Van Racking Kit

Ref No.: 150715v2

Fully Kitted out Vito LWB.

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Custom L1 Nearside Van Racking

Transit Custom L1 Racking System

Ref No.: 040615

Installed for a Property Maintenance Company in our local area.

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Relay L2 Plant Fitter

Ref No.: 100515

Small Drawer & Case unit with Solid Workbench Top

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