Transit Custom L1H1

Ref No.: PJ Plumb

Single unit either side with plenty of drawers.

VW Transporter LWB

Ref No.: 150615v2

Did a couple of Vans for this Refrigeration company.  Plenty of drawers & also drawers & cases...

Mercedes Citan L3 Vankit

Ref No.: MFS

Under Floor Drawers with plenty of drawers, & cases!

Standard Van Shelves in a Transit Custom

Ref No.: Potts

This unit is actually the equivalent to our VK-200-001 racking unit

Ducato LWB Plant Fitter

Ref No.: 230415

Couple of standard Drawer / Case units mounted over each wheel arch

Custom L1 Nearside Van Racking

Transit Custom L1 Racking System

Ref No.: 040615

Installed for a Property Maintenance Company in our local area.

Relay L2 Plant Fitter

Ref No.: 100515

Small Drawer & Case unit with Solid Workbench Top

Transporter LWB False Floor Shelving Kit

Ref No.: 110915

Customer fitted their own Falsle Floor and we took care of the rest!

Ford Custom L1 Offside Racking Kit

Ref No.: 140313

4 Service Cases, Locker, Bins & Case Clamp.

Ford Transit LWB Low Roof Shelving & Bins

Ref No.: 030615

Installed for a local council, basic shelving & bins set up

Transit MWB MR Hydraulic Engineer

Ref No.: 210515

Plenty of Shelving & Smaller Bins

Forklift Engineer

Vivaro L2 Fork Lift Engineers

Ref No.: 061214

Fork Lift Engineers Service Vehicle.

Transit L3 Van Racking Kit

Ref No.: 080415

Slide Out Workbench, Shelving, Drawers, Service Cases- the Lot!

NEW - Ford Transit Custom L1H1 - Plumbers

Ref No.: Ford Plumbing

Drawers, Cases, Shelving, Bins - All Required for a Plumbers Van

Plant Fitters Peugeot Boxer LWB

Ref No.: 080915

Drawers & Cases with slide out workbench fitted for Plant Fitter.

Trafic LWB Carpenters Van

Ref No.: 080715

Basic Shelving Systems installed for local Carpenter

NEW - Ford Transit L3

Ref No.: Anglia Doors

Utilising as many shelves for the customer to keep all their stock organised.

NEW - Citroen Berlingo L1

Ref No.: AFI Berlingo

14 of these vehicles Racked out for Service Engineers.  Good mixture for a small van

Transit SWB - Plant Fitter

Ref No.: Select Transit

Fitted for a Plant Fitter- Drawers, Shelves, Service Cases etc.

NEW - Ford Transit Custom L1H1 - Electrician

Ref No.: QAC

Twin Side Load Door Transit Custom L1H1.

NEW - Ford Transit Custom L1H1 - Heating

Ref No.: J R Heating

Drawers & Bins on the Offside, Shelving on the Nearside

NEW - VW Caddy False Floor Kit

Ref No.: 210114

False Floor Drawers - 2 out of the Rear & 1 out of the side door

NEW - Ford Transit Custom L1H1

Ref No.: CPG Elec

Offside Racking - Plenty of Drawers & Service Cases!

NEW - Ford Transit Custom L1H1

Ref No.: Hudds Elec

Nearside & Offside Van Racking for Electrician

Transit LWB - Locksmith

Ref No.: Gearing

This Locksmith required some drawers & service cases

NEW - VW Transporter LWB

Ref No.: 231213

Basic Offside Van Racking Kit for Heating & Plumbing engineer.

Offside Full Racking

NEW - Ford Transit (2014) L3 Van Racking System

Ref No.: 110614

Fitted for a Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Company, this Van Racking Kit was much...

NEW - Renault Trafic SWB Heating Company

Ref No.: 250314

Full Van Racking Kit fitted for a Heating Company.

NEW - Ford Transit Bulkhead Unit

Ref No.: 280514

Fitted for a Mobility Solutions firm in East Anglia.

NEW - Renault Trafic SWB Van Shelves

Ref No.: 291113

Very Basic Shelving System with a Power Tool Case Clamp

NEW - Ford Transit Custom L2H2 Van Racking System

Ref No.: 150714

Racking System Installed for Heating Engineer for all screws Fixing Tools etc

NEW - VW Caddy Maxi

Ref No.: 190814

Nice False Floor Kit with Drawers, Shelving and Service Cases.

NEW - Transit Connect (2014) SWB

Ref No.: 220413

General Purpose Building company just need some extra storage in their vans

Offside Drawers and Cases

NEW - Mercedes Vito LWB Van Racking Offside Only

Ref No.: 090914

Fitted for a Business communications company.

Transit Nearside Drawer Unit

NEW - Ford Transit MWB Van Racking

Ref No.: 143-1

Racking Installed for a Plant Engineering Company.

NEW - Renault Trafic SWB Air Conditioning

Ref No.: 190412

Complete Van Racking Kit fitted for an Air Condioning Engineering Company.  Approx 20+ Vans...